Ever wonder why buying storage is so popular?

Purchasing a storage unit as a real estate investment provides you with an active asset. This means that an investment in a storage unit provides ownership and therefore the opportunity to experience capital growth. It also provides you with the opportunity to lease out the unit to provide a passive income stream.

Until you have actually sat down and ran the numbers, it is hard to imagine at first blush why owning storage is such a great decision. Owning your storage freezes your costs at today’s rate, unlike rentals that traditionally incrementally raise your rent on a fairly regular basis. Further, you have the opportunity to enjoy potential appreciation, build equity, and actually own something of real value. Rentals do none of the above.

Tired of wasting your money on storage unit rent year after year? Take a look at these charts where we show a breakeven in just 5 years after buying!

BUYING (purchase price of $65,000)

Costs Costs (x 60 months) Monthly Expense (after 60 months)
Monthly Payment $3,83.95 (6% @ 15 Years, 30% down) $23,037  
Equity Earned (Pay down of loan after 60 months) (-$11,126.95)  
Projected 5% Appreciation $3,249 Annual value increase over 60 months (-$16,249.75)  
Annual Taxes $909 (1.4% of sales price) $3,408.75 $10.36
HOA Dues $35 per month $2,520 $16.20
TOTALS   $1,589.05 $26.48 / mo

RENTING ($400 per month)

Costs Costs (x 60 months) Monthly Expense (after 60 months)
Monthly Payment $400 $24,000 $400
Equity Earned $0 $0  
Projected 5% Appreciation $0 $0  
Annual Taxes $0 $0  
HOA Dues $0 $0  
TOTALS   $24,000 $400 / mo

Why Own Your Storage:

  • Investment – Real property you own
  • Future return on investment through appreciation over time
  • No rental increases or renewal hassles
  • No throwing money away every month through rental payments
  • The property may offer tax benefits such as depreciation and the ability to deduct mortgage interest (consult with a tax professional)
  • Expenses for improvements can be recaptured at the time of the sale of a property
  • The property will be an asset on your personal financial statement
  • Private (owners only) Club House
  • Can sub-lease to others, creating a passive income stream
  • Ideal for long-term storage
  • Low interest Mortgage Loans are available for storage units
  • Flexible use – Use the space as an office, host game nights, work on your custom car…
  • Customizable space – You can change how you use your space year after year, and can paint or even install custom details such as mezzanine levels, and epoxy floors. Combine several units for even more space!
  • Pride of Ownership

If buying a house is cheaper than renting, then… Why rent your storage space?

For a 235 sq ft unit over a five year period, you could SAVE


by PURCHASING a storage unit, vs RENTING!

A Market-Resilient Investment

There’s nothing steady about the stock market, especially these days. But self storage ownership is a tangible investment, one that stands the test of time – especially during a recession. See how storage ownership compares with single family homes and stocks.

In addition to solving the storage concerns for their owners, GarageTown units continuously prove to be “recession resistant” and a great investment. Unit re-sales in Colorado, for example, average about five per year per site, and every re-selling owner has enjoyed the appreciation their unit sale has yielded.

EXAMPLE: The 71 units of GarageTown Highlands Ranch in Littleton, CO opened for sale in early 2008—the beginning of one of the worst economic periods of this country’s history.

Regardless of this terrible economic climate, more than 40 units sold in 2008, followed by 20 more in 2009, and the 11 remaining units by August of 2011. Even more impressive to the GarageTown business model, is the fact that pricing for the units was not reduced during this unusually lengthy sell-off period. In fact, it actually increased as site inventory diminished!

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