A unique private community of people with varied interests and passions

GarageTown USA is a unique private community of people with varied interests and passions, all of whom share a need to secure their assets through ownership of their storage. With condominium storage you not only gain a solution for now, but an investment for the future. Kick back in the luxurious owner’s clubhouse knowing that your passions for life are organized and secure at GarageTown.

GT Clubhouse:
Relax, unwind, socialize.

One of the more attractive elements of GarageTown is the opportunity for many owners to relax and network with likeminded individuals. The GarageTown community enjoys the privileges of a comfortable, private (owners only) Clubhouse, which garage owners may utilize at their leisure to host business associates, friends or family. The lavishly decorated clubhouses offer a comfortable environment for chatting and even watching the weekly football game on the big screen TV.

  • Big screen TV
  • Wifi
  • Kitchen / Bar
  • Microwave
  • Meeting Area
  • Living Room
  • Restroom
  • Shower

There seems to be a

unique culture brewing
inside GarageTown USA.

There’s a noticeable presence of car collectors and automotive enthusiasts.

On any given Saturday morning, one can find several owners (along with friends and even spouses) prepping cars for a day of vintage racing or a car show outing. The car owners don’t seem to mind when a friendly face from a garage down the way stops in to admire the rolling works of art, and more often than not will invite visitors inside to take a look around.

And why not? The owners pour their heart and soul into personalizing their garages with everything from automotive wall art to vintage gasoline pumps. Often, owners have multiple cars on display in museum fashion, something that might not be as easy to achieve at home.

With locations in 7 states and provinces (and rapidly expanding), GarageTown is a name you can trust.

GarageTown National Offices

GarageTown USA is the premier innovator in personal storage ownership.
1950 W Bellerive Ln. #B108, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814